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Tours Zoo is a specialised Online Travel Offer wholesale operator. We have a dedicated team which provides unique, highly specialised and proficient services to each customer. Our experience in the tourism sector, attention to detail and superior professionalism are our assets, and our customer-centricity ensures that with us, you will have the best of experiential holiday with exceptional service standards.

We, our associates and suppliers have extensive experience and knowledge of the travel industry both locally and internationally. Our parent company Malek Travels and Tours (Pty) Ltd was awarded the PMR Africa Diamond Award in 2013. Travel and Tours is our passion as the company has achieved many milestones during our over 30 years in the travel business and has won many illustrious accolades. Among our associates and suppliers includes company having won various national and international award including National Tourism Awards and are highly accredited.

We ensure that you travel with ease and comfort and more importantly enjoy travelling with us as we have the necessary experience, knowledgeable staff and infrastructure to make your travels as simple as possible.

Affiliation with Tourvest/TravelIT

  • We, our parent company, are affiliated with Tourvest, Southern Africa’s number one tourism group, offering a range of products and services that encompass the needs of all visitors to Southern Africa & globally.
  • Listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in April 1997.
  • Operates businesses which range from travel management companies through souvenir shops to foreign exchange bureau.
  • Comprises 67 sector leading brands, employing more than 4 000 people and affiliated with 60 of South Africa’s top 100 companies.
  • The group controls the management of more than 50% of corporate South Africa’s travel arrangements.
  • Acquired by a Black Economic Empowerment led consortium in 2008, and delisted. It is now black-owned.
  • Is a proudly South African company with a global presence spanning East and West Africa, Europe, the UK, and the Caribbean.

Our roots are in Africa & Asia including South Africa as its headoffice, India, SriLanka, Maldives with our reach extends all over the world.

Our dedicated & efficient team of consultants will ensure your travel arrangements is hassle-free, cost-effective & time saving. You are effortlessly  in control of your travel budget as well as your travel arrangement with our advanced technology and expertise. Travel IT is the future of Corporate Travel Management, and we are ahead of the curve.

Our close rapport and high business volumes at major hotels throughout our network enable us to secure Select from a choice of comprehensive coverage plan for you and your family.

With a wide range of packages to choose from, there is something for every customer. Our tour packages comes with hotels at the choicest locations. We understand each customer and ensure that there is a package under a specific budget for everyone so that no one is deprived of the chance to travel. With our well-researched tour plans and set of ethics, you are bound to have the time of your lives.

Our specialties include the best-in-class packages and maverick ideas that prove we are far ahead of our time while designing packages. Our packages are designed to suit all budget. Our team of highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals ensures that you are lacking in nothing, and we always strive to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience with us.

Vision and Mission 

Customer Focus: To sustain a long-term high customer satisfaction by creating a win-win relationship with a personal touch.
Impeccable Talent: Attract and develop a diverse, committed and highly motivated workforce.
Value for money: Giving our clients the access to quality products and service at affordable prices.
Ethics: Operating with a code of conduct and ethics of the highest standards.

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Core fundamental Values:  Passionate, Innovative, Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism.

At Tours Zoo, there is something for everyone.

Tours Zoo Promises…

We believe in long-term commitment and believe that we are a family. We believe we are morally obligated to provide our customers nothing but the very best, for the trust they have put in us. Our meticulously planned tours make sure that you enjoy your travel and it becomes an exciting prospect, rather than a passive chore. Customer satisfaction and delight are the standards by which we measure our work and services. Thankfully, we have been able to live up to the tall expectations that our clients have of us.

As a team, we constantly make efforts to outperform ourselves in the pursuit of excellence and sustain in the corporate sector, where the competition is fierce. However, our services are being appreciated and we are growing and expanding in terms of client base, employees, turnover and overall development. Every year we are adding different feathers to our cap, which would not have been possible without the love and support of our customers.

Our ardour for performance, passion for serving and zeal for excellence is second to none. With a strong work ethic and a 24*7 support system, we ensure that the customer is satisfied, each and every time.

With us, you get the most attractive and elite packages. Have you booked your package yet?

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