Amritsar is a city is a largest and most important city in Punjab. The main place of fame in this city stands out for Amritsar tourism to attract visitors is the dazzling golden temple. This sumptuous temple is located in the middle of the Harminder Sahib pond. Amritsar is home to the world-famous Golden Temple and also popular among the Sikh caste of India, the cultural capital of the northwestern state of India, Punjab. Located near the border of India and Pakistan, called Waghah, Amritsar is a city that played an extremely important role in the history of India. Amritsar is named after the lake that surrounds the pilgrimage of Harmandir Sahib, more popularly known as the Golden Temple.

The lake is called Amrit Sarovar, which represents a group of sacred nectar and Sarovar, so the city was called Amritsar. From food, weather, music and art to history, religion, traditions and culture, there is much to experience in Amritsar.

Places to visit when in Amritsar are many. The Wagah border is right next to the golden temple and should be seen. Wagah is the only border crossing between Pakistan and India between the cities of Amritsar (India) and Lahore (Pakistan). It is a must-see, as there is a boundary between the two countries and the doors open and the armies of both countries face each other.

The next place to see is the Jallianwalabagh garden. It is cemented in history when, under the command of the Britisher, innocent Indians are lacking. This event was one of the main incidents of India’s freedom struggle. The memorial wall is also present therein which some people jumped to escape the shooting. This memorable wall along with the memories of dead people is a place where people go and feel that freedom fighters succeed in the freedom of the country. Durgiana Temple, Rambagh Garden, Ram Tirath and Mata Temple are some of the most spiritual places to visit in Amritsar. Powerful how Farid Fort, Govind Garh, etc. It’s an important patrimony.

Nearby places of Amritsar are some of the most popular cities in the state of Punjab which are Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Bhatinda, etc. Well known for its lush green wheat and rice gardens, Punjab is a state where local people use their hearts on their sleeves. Well received and friendly locals make Amritsar a must-see in a city in India with Tours Zoo.

Amritsar tourism actively supports the city, as it is known to have more tourist footfalls than passing through Taj Mahal.

The Amritsar Raja Sansi Airport is well connected with several cities. Railways and roads too. Amritsar Tourism has started Buses and taxis also to attract visitors. It has affordable and luxurious hotels like Taj Swarna Amritsar, Hotel Sawera Inn, Hyatt Amritsar, etc. People can stay for a long and short time here. If you visit Amritsar, you can experience the welcoming people and the cultural and beautiful places that it owns, the heritage of India.