Trip & Sightseeing to Bharatpur

Bharatpur is a bird’s haven place. It is a natural heavens abode situated in the state of Rajasthan. Since situated in Rajasthan, it has to have a history of royal rulers, ruled once by a myriad of rulers, from Jats to Nizams, to the British imperialists, exhibited in places such as Lohagarh Fort. However, This city is best known for its Bird Sanctuary which is home to the rarest species of birds flying over in the skies and their habitat. This famous bird sanctuary also is known as the Keoladeo Ghana at National Wildlife Sanctuary, apart from rarest species of birds is also home to a great collection of flora and fauna, which might be not found in every part of the world. So get a slice of both history and wildlife, come and visit Bharatpur.

Places to see when in Bharatpur apart from its popular bird sanctuary are the Bankebhihari temple, Rope Castle Adventure Park, Shiva temple, Government museum, Ganga temple, etc.

Bharatpur tourism has developed this city according to its tourist attractions. Autos and tongas (local cycles rikshaws) are the most used mode of transportation within the city. Cabs are also available. Eco-friendly Cycle Rickshaws are authorised by Bharatpur tour to take you inside the National Park as well. It experiences variations like it is quite hot in summers and very cold in winters. The summer season starts from April to June and the maximum temperature goes up to as high as 49° C. With this much temperature the heat becomes unbearable.

There is a lot many choices available to choose among your stay at Bharatpur. Hotels like Sunbird Hotel, Surya Vilas hotel, Chandra Mahal Haveli, etc are available according to your budget. Though staying in any hotel, you will get an inbuilt feeling of royalty since Bharatpur has an enormous cultural heritage with it still.

Bharatpur is a sweet, natural abode situated in the Braj region of the state of Rajasthan. Bharatpur has its own Regal history, enshrined in places such as Lohagarh Fort that is taken care by Tourism mainly. However, what Bharatpur is most famous for is the Keoladeo Ghana National Wildlife Sanctuary, which sports a huge collection of rare flora and fauna, which might be not found in every part of the world. So next time, if you want a slice of both history and wildlife, do visit Bharatpur.

Adventure and cultural tour lovers would love this city and can stay here for the long and short duration. It has got the mixed culture and a lush green forest where you can see the markets one side and the other side with varieties of flora and fauna. The people here are very welcoming and understand the value of guests in our country.