When someone is going to propose to the love of their life, most of the time, they shy away from the idea of making a presentation of some romantic lines to express their feelings. Although it is challenging to help you with everything, an original proposal can always guarantee an affirmative answer from your partner. It becomes, at times, challenging to propose to your dream woman for marriage too in the way she would like.

However, here we suggest some of the most incredible places in India to make that proposal.

1. On A Sunset Cruise In Goa

Goa never fails to create an atmosphere that inspires romance by shaping a romantic aura. With charming beaches, a hippie atmosphere, and passionate nightlife, Goa is an ideal place, which has an atmosphere of joy and; therefore, you can take advantage of this beautiful location to propose love to your partner. Choose a yacht cruise to make a quiet and romantic journey, spend some moments with others.

2. Khandala

Have you heard the song from Amir Khan's movie - "Aati kya Khandala?" (Literally meaningless - will it come to Khandala?) This song highlights the fact of how popular Khandala is when it comes to embarking on a romantic journey. Not only this, but many other Bollywood movies have also mentioned this destination as a perfect spot for honeymoon regulars! The pristine beauty of this place will leave many to know how to write correctly linked. You won't like leaving this place early - such is its charming effect.

3. Strolling At Dal Lake In Srinagar

Kashmir is a real gem that always succeeds in creating beautiful love stories. Even several Bollywood movies with warm overtones have made in this exciting place. Enjoy the impeccable beauty of nature, strolling in Shikara on Dal Lake, and live an enjoyable experience. View 

4. On A Sunset Cruise On Lake Pichola In Udaipur

Seeing the lake glowing during a romantic sunset is simply breathtaking. As you meet the horizon lit up and dotted with the Udaipur mansions, you will have hilariously wonderful sensations, and you cannot help but flatter your love. Not only will you have a chance to admire the majesty of the stately palaces, but your long-hidden feelings will automatically surface.  View Rajasthan Package

5. Agra

The city houses the glorious Taj Mahal and many other points of interest that make Agra the most romantic city in India.

The Taj Mahal, built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in tribute to his late wife Mumtaz Mahal boasts exotic beauty that explains why it is considered one of the wonders of the world and is undoubtedly the testament of love for excellence. Seeing the sunrise or sunset from the vicinity of the temple is a spectacle worth living with your great love.

6. Shimla

The beauty of Shimla admired by the world above. Birds of love come to this place from time to time to celebrate each other's company and have a good time together. Mountains clad in such white snow and well-groomed lawns stretching across broad areas are Shimla's main attractions. Along with these, you can pamper your loved one by taking out shopping in the mall and Lower Bazaar. Besides Viceregal Lodge, it is one of the most famous places that you must not miss. Last but not least, you can seek the blessings of Almighty God for a full life by visiting Dorje Drak Monastery, Tara Devi Temple, and Church of Christ.

7. Kerala Backwaters

A cruise along the waters so blue, flowing with the breeze so fresh, that it is precise as a tour of Kerala Backwaters described. Rejuvenate, and body senses are revived in the strenuous city lifestyle once you embark on a Kerala Backwaters cruise. On the other hand, when you disembark from the cruise ship, a beautiful beach awaits your guests, in its eagerness to welcome you with its natural beauty. Leisure time dedicated to your loved one on the Kerala Backwaters tour will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The highlight will be a dream sequence type of dinner with your best half under the night sky in the houseboat.

8. Munnar

Third on the list is the paradisiacal beauty during the journey from South India - Munnar. Located in Kerala, this hill station stands as one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in India. Expansive well-manicured tea gardens and the fresh scent of tea leaves tearing through your hotel room are top attractions for travelers here. Couples can take a walk through the tea estates that seem divine and of this world. There are some mesmerizing waterfalls in and around Munnar where couples can sit down and have a chat together.

9. Darjeeling

Many people from the plains visit Darjeeling because it is serene and peaceful, and gives them a perfect hideout for the rat breed. That is the reason why couples also have a gap year. The best offer of tea plantations, this West Bengal city is lovely and pleasing to the eye when it comes to its scenic beauty. Some of the attractions to explore in Darjeeling are the Tiger Hill and, of course, tea gardens. Apart from these, live some innocent moments with your loved one as he takes a ride on the very famous toy train.

10. Andaman

Andaman is one of the most popular honeymoon spots in India for newly married couples. While in Andaman, visit Corbyn's Cove Beach, North Bay Island, and Ross Island; Experience the sound and light show in the cell prison; Watch the majestic sunset at Radhanagar Beach, and enjoy snorkeling at Elephant Beach on Havelock Island.

Do you plan to go out on a romantic sabbatical, then these places will serve the purpose best! You can choose the most elite hotels for a comfortable stay, plus, you can prepare an itinerary with the choicest of destinations included. And ta-da!!! You are ready for a tour in one of India's most romantic escapes.