Kochi (Cochin), the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala, has one of the finest natural harbors in the world. Ancient mariners from Arabia, China, Holland, Britain and Portugal have all left their mark on this beautiful island city.One of the finest natural harbors on the Arabian Sea coast, Kochi (Cochin), earlier known as Cochin has been a port of call for foreign traders from early times. Its cosmopolitan character is reflected in the buildings and structures representing different regions of the world. A city of peninsulas and islands, today it is Kerala’s commercial hub.

Kerala’s prime tourist destination, it spreads across islands and promontories in a stunning location between the Arabian Sea and Backwaters. Its main sections: modern Ernakulam in the east and the old districts of Mattancherry and Fort Cochin on a peninsula in the west are linked by a complex system of ferries.

Prime Attractions of Kochi (Cochin):

Dutch Palace : Built by the Portuguese in 1557 and presented to Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Kochi (Cochin), the palace was renovated in 1663 by the Dutch. On display here are beautiful Murals depicting scenes from the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata and some of the puranic Hindu legends. The palace is open for public viewing from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. all week days except Fridays.

Koonan Kurishu : Koonan Kurishu is much-storied granite cross and a witness to the historic occasion during the seventeenth century when the split in the Christian community of Kerala became public and irrevocable. Koonan Kurishu Shrine which is a small chapel, Jewish Synagogue which has a number of copper plates inscribed in the Hebrew script.

St. Francis Church : Built in 1503 by Portuguese Francisan Friars, this is India’s oldest European church. It was restored in 1779 by the protestant Dutch, converted to an Anglican Church by the British in 1795, and is presently used by the church of South India. Vasco da Gama’s remains were buried here in 1524 and later moved to Lisbon, Portugal but his tombstone still remains.

Bolghatty Palace : A Scenic island near the city of Ernakulam, Bolghatty is famous for the Bolghatty Palace built by the Dutch in 1744 AD. This palace, once the residence of the British resident of Cochin, is now a KTDC (Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) hotel.

Chinese Fishing Nets : These huge cantilevered fishing nets were brought here by traders from the court of Kublai Khan.

Willingdon Island : Named after Lord Willingdon, a British viceroy to India, this man-made island is surrounded by beautiful backwaters. The island is the site of the city’s best hotels, customs and trading centres, the port trust and the headquarters of the Southern Naval Command.

Jewish Synagogue : Constructed in 1568, this is the oldest synagogue in the commonwealth. Destroyed in a shelling during the Portuguese raid in 1662, it was rebuilt two years later by the Dutch. Well known for mid-18th century hand printed willow pattern floor tiles from Canton in China, a dock tower, Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, ancient scripts.

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Mumbai the mesmerizing commercial capital of India makes a great holiday spot. Mumbai acts as a gateway for international tourists planning to visit the western India. Mumbai is a good starting point from which to tour the beaches of Goa or travel further down the coast to South India. There are many tourist attractions in Mumbai, including its beaches, markets, heritage buildings and film city. Tourist attractions near Bombay include the Elephanta Caves and the hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala.

Enjoy full day city sightseeing tour of this town. Mumbai a cluster of seven islands, the city is constantly changing whilst also standing still in the past the city’s name was changed in recent times to Bombay, derived from Mumbadevi, the patron goddess of the Koli fishermen, its oldest inhabitants.

Natural Dazzy :

Once upon a time Mumbai was passed off as a Portuguese princess’ dowry and later an adornment of neo-gothic British architecture. Mumbai today is more than just a metropolis. It is in fact an enigma of mud huts & sky–scrapers, age old traditions & high fashions, the industrialists’ heaven & movie makers’ Hollywood.

A lovely natural harbor and winding creek set off the city of Bombay from the long, narrow coast of Western India. Mumbai pulsates with activity. It is a city that is disciplined by no time frame-neither by day nor night. Mumbai is also the country’s financial powerhouse, the nation’s industrial heartland, and its economic nerve center. Dazzling shopping arcades, exciting sport activity, nightclubs and discotheques, theatre and music, gourmet restaurants and interesting sightseeing–Bombay offers the visitor a heady mix of all this and more.

The Sightseeing of Bombay City :

The sightseeing of the Bombay city includes Gateway of India, The Prince of Wales Museum, the Victoria Terminus and Dhobi ghats. The Gateway of India was built during 1924-1927 to commemorate the visit to India of King George V of England in 1911. It is the most enduring symbol of the city. Next to the Gateway of India is the Prince of Wales Museum built in 1911 one of the biggest museums in the country. The Victoria Terminus, popularly known as VT is the major railway station and is considered the most beautiful edifice in the city. Dhobi Ghat or washer man’s enclave provides a very interesting insight into Bombay’s local culture.

One of the most famous beaches in Bombay is Chowpatty beach which is a popular spot for people seeking an evening out. The annual Ganesh Chaturthi festival is best experienced here. Nightlife in Mumbai is exciting with many hip and happening discotheques and nightclubs. Gourmet restaurants add to the party mood in this town. For excursions offers places like Elephanta islands, Gateway of India, Krishnagiri Upavan National Park, Kanheri caves, Manori beach, Montepezir and Jogeshwari Caves and Bassein.

Seasons To Visit Mumbai :

Mumbai is pleasant enough to be visited any time of the year, though the hot and humid months of June, July and August are best avoided. An extensive network of flights from Mumbai’s Sahar (International) and Santa Cruz (Domestic) airports connect it with national and international destinations. Bombay has trains connecting it to all the major cities of India. The road network links Bombay with other cities in Maharashtra as well as its adjoining states.

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Indian tourism industry is gaining extreme popularity after the advent of internet and other online platforms. Kerala which is one of the beautiful states in the country of India has lots of tourist attractions and other natural reservoirs like lake, river and rich backwater. People those who reach Kerala always make it a point to visit alleppey since it has lush greens and other natural resources. Visitors rightly call alleppey as “Venice of the East” since it has network of crisscross canals and other lakes. Individuals those who are new to the city of alleppey can visit numerous tourist places before exiting this place. One could laze around in the boat houses to drift through the backwaters, in a journey which takes you through canals, paddy fields and water bound villages.

There is a beautiful island namely Pathiramanal which is a small island comes under Muhamma Panchayat. The name pathiramanal means ‘sands of night’. This city draws thousands of tourists in a year and most of them visit Alappuzha beach and take a dip in this beautiful sea which has rich backwaters. Light house that is situated in the coastal area of Alapuzzha is also one of the best tourist attractions which draw plenty of visitors throughout the week. This light house was constructed during 1862 by British people. Every year Nehru Trophy Boat Race conducts premier boat race every year during the month of August. Millions of people from the state of Kerala and other parts of India also assemble near the lake to watch this spectacular event.

Nature Lovers Will Like The Picturesque lakes and Lagoons

Tourists can hire houseboats from Alleppey and enjoy boat riding for few hours. This city enjoy all types of climate like summer, winter, cold and rainy seasons and the many tourists arrive during boat race seasons to watch the race with happy heart. Citizens living in Europe, America and other countries can book an air ticket and land at Cochin International Airport. From there they can hire own taxis or reach this place through railways. Several tourists also land at Kozhikode international airport and tour this place. Individuals or family members those who love temples and shrines can visit Mullakkal temple, Chettikulangara temple, Raja rajeswari temple and other popular temples.

There are also lots of churches and mosques in this city which attracts lots of visitors. Tourists will like the serene atmosphere and other natural reservoirs and relax in this city completely for one full day. There are also other famous beaches in this fantastic city like thumpoly, punnapra, vikasanam and sea-bridge. Newly married couples can enjoy their honeymoon trip in this city for a day and exit with happy mindset. There are lots of restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and other food outlets which serve lots of delicious dishes and foods round the clock. Tourists can walk on the seashore, swim in the sea and travel on the boat and do other interesting activities when they visit this beautiful city. Life will surely take a positive twist when the tourists reach this mind blowing city.

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Enjoy ride into Kumarakom, a serene place located just 10 miles from the heart of Kottayam in God’s own country Kerala. This backwater town is on the shores of the enchanting Vembanand Lake glittering against the starlit-dark. Vembanad Lake being the largest lake in Kerala, Kumarakom receives a lot of travel enthusiasts because of its stunning backwater tourism. Make yourself at home in its small-still lagoons.

Gliding among the calm and serene backwaters flanked by green leaves and palm, seeing a rural Kerala preserved through the ages and completely hidden Ron the road is a unique experience to any visitors. More so on these slow moving, spacious houseboats. One would get mesmerized by the scenic beauty that Vembanad Lake is set to offer. From luxury resorts to budget resorts, from boating to yachting, from fishing to musing, Kumaraokom has a package in its bay for every type of tourists who arrive to its door of elegance.

Travel Experience

The very word Kerala and Onam might be re-sounding to one and one other word – boats. Importance is given for Iruttukuthi boats than Snake boats in this race. Other than a heart racing boat race and an extraordinary panoramic view of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom also entertains nature lovers. The other major attraction site of this enchanting place is the bird sanctuary. It not just attracts birds but also tourists from every part of the globe by spells of nature. The sanctuary is open from 6am to 6pm to accommodate every tourist’s schedule. This bird sanctuary can be reached by canoes which provide a two hour long backwater experience. When visited in early morning or late evening, the Sun and the surrounding offers a lot more to the eye and heart in the bird sanctuary.

After all the heartwarming experiences one could have had so far, Kumarakom has a lot more in store. Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is a name that could make hearts pound and a surrounding rubber plantation can get a person to their knees. Both these places are photographer’s delight and the best spot for the selfie lovers of this young generation. It offers a stunning experience with nature and greenery all around where we can feel one among the nature. If all of these weren’t enough, en route from Alappuzha to Kumarakom, take a break at the picturesque Pathiramanal Island. This small island is known for its scenic beauty is also a favorite haunt of migratory birds. Next on the list is the red-brick building, near Kumarakom, is not to be missed. The museum of Bay Island Driftwood has unique collection of sculptures. This place provides a heartfelt satisfaction for the history lovers.

Touch Point Of Kumarakom

For every visit, we love to take something back as a symbol of remembrance. Kumarakom has a lot to take in the form of antique antique shops. These shops offers a wide variety of products from handicrafts, knives, ethnic designs, decorated door latches utensils, gramophones, coins, etc. One can also feast one’s eye with their traditional houses and churches which could put one in awe.

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India enjoys rich cultural heritage and tradition for the past several centuries and encourages foreign tourists in many unique ways. India welcomes hundreds of historians, curators and painters and other art professionals those who hail from other countries and encourages them to visit monument and historic sites of India. Tourists those who visit palaces and other rich heritage centers in North India also visit Karnataka since this beautiful state enjoys chilly climates throughout the year. Bangalore and Mysore are some of fastest growing commercial cities which houses IT hubs and other business centers. Tourists and other business executives those who enter Bangalore make it a point to visit this city which is around 150 km away since it has world class Palace that was constructed by Maharaja of Mysore.

It is worth to note that Mysore combines traditional grandeur with modernity and emerges as one of the most beautiful and best planned cities in India. City sightseeing includes Maharaja palace, the lush Brindavan Gardens which has dancing fountain built on the terraces of Krishnarajasagar Dam and the Chamundi Hills. Mysore is classified as one of the preferred destinations for international and local tourists since it is clean, tidy and built wonderfully. Mysore served as the capital city of Kingdom of Mysore and was ruled by Wodeyar dynasty. During dasra festival this palace will be illuminated with rich lights which will be a visual fiesta. Strength of tourists increases multifold only during this peak season.

People Can Also Visit Adjoining places When They Tour Mysore

Actual name of Mysore palace is Amba vilas palace. One of the most import tourist attractions which are becoming a crowd puller is Mysore Zoo which is a very big zoo which houses numerous rare birds, animals and other such species. People those who visit this city can also walk on the streets near the palace and purchase shopping items from the best shops. Mysore sandal soap and other perfumed products that are naturally prepared here is very famous and international citizens’ step into these shops for purchasing handful of soaps, perfumes and other handmade cosmetic items.

Mysore sandal incense sticks and other such products are also very famous in this city. After spending few hours here the tourists can step into other places like Jaganmohana palace, sand sculpture museum, regional museum of natural history, the folk lore museum, the railway museum and the oriental research institute. People those who like ancient temples can visit Ranganathaswamy Temple which is in Srirangapatna. Wildlife enthusiasts can also visit several forest and natural reservoirs which are very near to the city of Mysore. Tourists can also visit waterfalls which are in shivanasamdura. There are two important perennial lakes in this City which is worth seeing and they are Karanaji and Kukkarahalli. Oriental library is very famous in this city and this one houses lots of interesting books and journals. Ardent readers can visit this library and read several books. Some of the famous churches are St. Philomena’s church and Wesley’s church and lots of visitors enter this shrine and pray for themselves.

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Ministry of tourism in India encourages tourist operators, airline sectors and other departments that are connected with tourism to improve tourist inflow and also provides various concessions for international and national tourists. International tourists or foreigners showcase interest in touring greenish mountains and highlands that are situated both in North and South India. Adventurers, tourists, commoners, executives and hikers will love Ooty which is situated in Tamil Nadu, southern part of India. As this mountain is permanently enveloped in blue it is also called as Blue Mountain. The color blue could be brought about by the large number of gum trees that dot the mountainside or by the gentle mist which is so characteristic of the local weather. Ooty, located at an altitude of 2,240 meters, is characterized by neatly planted tea gardens.

This queen of hill stations which is situated near the Western Ghats welcomes millions of tourists throughout the world. People those who are planning to visit Ooty can book a room, cottage, resort or luxury hotels for a day and visit some of the heart-melting panoramic sites like Botanical Garden and Doddabetta. It is worth to note that Dodabetta is the highest peak in the Nilgiri range. Ooty botanical garden conducts annual flower show and the visitors will get an opportunity to watch hundreds of colorful flowers during the show.

Beautiful Mountain That has Scenic and Panoramic Spots

People those who like boating can hire a boat near Ooty Lake after paying reasonable amount and enjoy boating for an hour. Individuals those who love waterfalls, forests and natural reservoirs will surely enjoy Ooty since they will find these types of spots on this greenish mountain. Government authorities prohibit visitors carrying plastic bags or other such sacks on the mountain and other nearby areas. Government rose garden which is situated at ooty is also very famous since the department grows different types of colorful rose plants inside the 55 acres center. There are also other types of natural tourist spots which have greenish spaces like Avalanche Lake, thread garden, tiger hill and Pykara Lake which also conducts boating. There are also other historic centers, libraries, museums and art gallery at Ooty which sees tons of visitors daily. Walking near the tea garden will surely be a very rich and enjoyable experience.

Families can also visit famous churches like St. Stephen’s church, Holy trinity church, Kandal cross shine and other local churches and take part in morning and evening prayers. There are also other Hindu temples like Mariamman temple, toda temple, Raghavendra temple. Families which have kids can enter into South lake road Children Park and enjoy few hours. Influential people can also visit tea gardens and tea factories and enjoy their moments happily. Ooty enjoy salubrious climate round the year and the international citizens will surely love living on this hilltop for several hours. After visiting ooty, the tourists can also enter into Sim’s park, coonoor which has a collection of 1000 plant species. Ooty and coonoor is well connected by railways and roadways.

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International tourists or others those who are planning to spend one full day in a city which enjoys subtropical climate can visit Kathmandu since it has plenty of world class tourist attractions. Kathmandu which is the capital city of Nepal springs with commercial and tourist activities round the clock. This wonderful tourist destination sees millions of tourists throughout the year and provides maximum support to them. Visitors to this mind blowing city will find lots of interesting exotic locales, spas, resorts and other rich luxurious hotels where they can stay and relax. It is worth to note that Kathmandu and other neighboring cities like Patan and Bhaktapur enjoy salubrious climate throughout the year.

Europeans, Americans and people from other western and eastern countries visit this city and enjoy their stay. Citizens living in the country of Nepal speak the widely spoken language namely Nepali which is the lingua franca of the valley. Individuals those who come alone or with their family members will be able to watch lots of panoramic sites that are near to Himalayan ranges like Pokhara, Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhare and Lamjung. People those who flock Nepal especially Kathmandu make it a point to visit the town in the Lakeside, on the shores of Phewa lake. They can also visit other important natural and manmade tourist places like Begnas Tal and Rupa Tal, Bindyabasini Temple, Mahendra Fall, Deep Gorges, Devi & apos; Fall, World Peace Pagoda and Tibetan Refugee Camp.

Dynamic City Which Attracts Millions of Tourists

Camping in Kathmandu for a day will be a delightful and unique experience which cannot be expressed in ordinary words. Guys those who love cool and chilly climates will be happy when they reach this city which stands at an elevation of approximately 4500 ft. Kathmandu which is a most developed city in the country of Nepal has a population of approximately 700,000 people. Family members can visit lots of temples, monasteries, churches and other places of worship before departing from this city. If the tourists are new to this city they can approach tourist development agencies or other prominent tourist operators those who will assist and support them in a professional manner.

It is imperative to note that this largest city also has hotels, restaurants, star hotels and other refreshment centers which will keep the tourists tizzy and engaged. Visitors can also engage professional guides through tourism agency and step into tourist hot spots. Night life in this gigantic city will definitely be a happy affair since tourists will be able to shop in the popular shopping malls and complexes. People those who visit Nepal will never feel like departing from this country since they will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable during their stay. There are also several silent valleys near Kathmandu where the people can sit and relax with their family or friends happily. Tourists from other countries can book their flight tickets through various reputed airline agencies and step into Tribhuvan International Airport within few hours. Visitors can hire autos, taxis and other cabs immediately after stepping outside and enter site-seeing places.

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Tourism industry in India is buzzing with lots of activities and welcomes international and domestic tourists with happy heart. Tourists those who visit India make it a point to enter Chennai City which is in Tamil Nadu since there are lots of rich and famous ancient temples, monuments, heritage sites and museums. There are also other tourist attractions in Chennai and some of the most visited site seeing places in this city is National Art Gallery and Government Museum, which are over 100 years old. Chennai City was once ruled by British kings and queens also have buildings and monuments which are constructed by British Lords and viceroys.

Europeans especially citizens of Britain frequent places like Fort St. George, Guindy engineering college, Madras high court, Government teacher training institute, General post office, King institute of preventive medicine and dance and music college. Foreign tourists also visit Theosophical society which was founded in the year 1875. People those who tour Chennai City also make it a point to enter into Marina beach which is one of the world’s longest beach in the world. International tourists book a comfortable room through Tourism Development Corporation and see lots of tourist attractions that are situated in Chennai and suburbs. Chennai City is also a world class commercial destination which houses lots of shops, malls, theatres, resorts, clubs and hotels and living here for a day will be a great joy. People those who are new to this city can cover all the tourist places within a day and exit from this city.

Chennai City has One of The Logest Beaches In The World

There are lots of reputed tourism operators those who offer quick tourist services to the foreigners and take them to different tourist hubs that are situated in and around Chennai. Visitors those who travel through the beach side will be able to have a glimpse of Chennai University, the Senate house and the Palace of Nawabs of Carnatic. They can also watch and enter into San Thome Cathedral where the saint was buried. Individuals those who love temples and churches can enter into kapaleeshwarar temple which is situated in Mylapore and also St. Thomas Church which is situated on a small hillock close to Chennai international airport.

This is the place where St. Thomas was assassinated by the enemies. Kapleeshwarar temple has a beautifully sculpted Gopuram and also has a very big temple tank situated near the entrance of the temple. This temple which is one of the ancient shrines dedicated for Lord Shiva is very popular not only in India but throughout the world. Visitors to Chennai City will enjoy night life since they can step into lots of luxurious hotels, shops, malls and business centers. Tourists can taste lots of delicious and lip-smacking south Indian cuisines when they step into some of the reputed hotels and restaurants. They can also walk along the seashore with their family members and enjoy the cool breeze. Light house which is located near St. Thome Church is an important tourist spot and the visitors can enter into the light house premises during business hours and reach the top most floor of the light house after paying nominal entrance fees.

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Madurai, apart from being a major city of Tamil Nadu, is an energetic, ancient city on the banks of the Vaigai River. Located in the South Indian part of the state, Madurai is one of the biggest pilgrimage centers of Tamil Nadu. The city is the second largest of the state and is marked with a large number of temples. Being an important industrial and educational area of Tamil Nadu, Maduria is also famous for a number of historical monuments with the Meenakshi Amman Temple and Tirumalai Nayak Palace the most prominent one. Maduria has been a large and established city from the times of the Mauryan Empire.

Maduria is the centre of Tamil art, culture and literature that are being carried on from the past till now. The city is popularly called Thoonga Nagaram, that is, the city that never sleeps, attracting a large number of tourists from abroad and within the country. At the centre of the city is the Meenakshi Amman Temple, which is the ritual centre of the city. It is an historic temple dedicated to Meenakshi and her consort. The temple is a significant symbol for Tamils and has many sculptures inside it. The lot of visitors to this place is maximum on Fridays.

The Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace, constructed by King Thirumalai, is now a national monument. The department of Tamil Nadu Archaeology organizes the daily sound and light show explaining the virtues of King Thirumalai, particularly his passion for arts, his victories in battles and also the features of the palace. The Palace attracts many tourists by its beautiful Indo-Saracen architecture. The Thirupparankundram Murugan Temple is located near to Madurai Railway Junction. It is famous for its solid rock cut structure making its architecture amazing.

The Gandhi museum is famous for history, Gandhi and freedom struggle. It was after the visit of Gandhi to Madurai that he changed his dress code that he followed till his death. After his assassination, the Gandhi museum was constructed in his memory. The open air theatre of the museum conducts cultural programmers and the library of the museum has a vast collection of Gandhiji’s books and books related to India’s cultural background. The Samanar Hills situated near to Meenakshi Amman Temple describes the history of Jains in India. Pechchi Pallam, a natural fountain is found here. The place was used by Jains.

It is a beautiful place to spend considerable time. The place is open at all times for trekking purpose and for watching the lotus pond and the ancient natural fountain. One of the ancient temples of the South is the Koodal Azhagar Temple, dedicated to God Vishnu. The architecture and paintings of the temple describe the rich past of Madurai and its contributions to language, art and culture.

Madurai is a famous city and could be reached easily by any means of transport, like, by rail, road or by air. The place is best to visit duringthe months of October and November when the weather is cool and also during the festive seasons.

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Being an important centre of South Indian religion, art and architecture, Tanjore is a city in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Tanjore is now known as Thanjavur. The city is home to Tanjore painting that is a unique painting style used all over the state. The city is known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu” and is an important agricultural centre located in the Cauvery Delta. The city is an important pilgrim centre and its sculptures make it a major tourist destination of Tamil Nadu. Tanjore holds and is surrounded by most of the great living Chola Temples, which are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. The government has established regional cultural centers in the city of Tanjore to preserve and promote cultural heritage of India.

The most visited temple in Tanjore is the Brihadeeswarar Temple, popularly known as Thanjai “Periya Koil” (Big Temple). The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is described as “a landmark in the evolution of building art in South India”. The walls of the temple are covered with wall paintings that depicts the time of the Chola and Nayak who ruled over the city for years. The architectural excellence of the temple attracts many heads to come and explore the history and uniqueness of this place. The famous South Indian dance, Bharathanatyam, is displayed in the Brihadeeswarar Temple during the festive seasons.

The Tanjore Royal Palace or The Thanjavur Royal Palace is 1 km away from the Big Temple. There are two forts in the town, the Little Fort and the Big Fort. The Thanjavur Royal Palace is in the Big Fort. Inside the palace is the temple of Lord Chandra Mauleeswara. The palace consists of fascinating buildings with huge corridors, big halls and adorned rooms. The Arsenal Tower, Bell Tower and Darbar Hall are the important structures inside the palace.

For art lovers, there is a famous art gallery, the Thanjavur Art Gallery that also surrounds the Mahal Library and the Music Hall. There is a fabulous collection of bronze coins and stone sculptures in the gallery that are unique and are of priceless quality. The Saraswati Mahal Library contains much demanding collection of manuscripts, books and paintings that defines the art, cultural and literature of the earlier times.

The Airavateswara Temple is considered one of the greatest living Chola temples. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and to his followers who worshipped him to get rid of the curses given to them. The Gangaikonda temple is famous for its beautiful carvings. The temple is related to the history of Tamil Nadu and is about a thousand years old. The Thirumananjeri Temple is known for fulfilling the wishes of the people who come and worship here. The paintings on the walls of the temple are of God and Goddesses. People with spiritual minds must visit to this place. The place could best be reached by roads. People can also reach to this place by rails or by air. The place is quite hot during summers so visiting to this place during winters is a better idea.

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