An important tourist attraction of Rajasthan, Mandawa is often known as Open Art Gallery, Mandu ka Bas or Mandu ki dhani. Famous for its marvelous forts and havelis, Mandawa is situated in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan in India, being a part of Shekhawati region. The town was founded in the mid 18th century and served as a hometown for rich and dominant merchant families. Massive havelis, decorated with beautiful wall paintings were constructed by the wealthy merchants for the purpose of their residence. The merchants moved to other areas but the magnificence of the havelis did not faded and now they are attracting tourists to the city. The beautiful paintings on the walls describe the themes of the frescoes that display portraits, hunting and wrestling scenes of the earlier times.

The most historical fort of Mandawa is The Mandawa Fort, located in the midst of the Aravalli Hills. The fort reveals a lot about the unique features of Rajasthan architecture. A medieval atmosphere and charm is prevalent in the fort. The great attractions for the tourists are the variety of decor and theme used in the rooms of the fort. But, the fort has now been transformed into a heritage hotel that has taken away the old charm of the fort.

Goenka Double Haveli is one of the prime attractions of Mandawa having the front decorated with elephants and horses. The haveli depicts a perfect combination of the Indian and the European style. The mansion has two entrances and the frescoes, motifs, paintings and carvings makes it look extremely attractive. The same is the story of the Binsidhar Newatia Haveli, put up in 1921. The spotlights of the haveli are the attractive paintings depicting the work of the people of those times, the way they ate, wear and move. Next is the Murmuria Haveli that holds the paintings depicting mainly the political leaders of ancient era. The walls of the haveli have the pictures of Lord Krishna with his cows and Jawaharlal Nehru on a horse back holding the National flag. There are also paintings of cars and trains describing the prosperity of the Rajput merchants.

The haveli, in addition to marvelous paintings, has a sandy courtyard at its front allowing the tourists to have an amazing view of the southern wall. The town is said to be the home of the rich merchants who made it the planned city of Rajasthan and who were the crowd pullers of Mandawa through their trade. The main bazaar of Mandawa is a perfect place for buying antiques and also a wide variety of art related products. The main items include the paintings which are crafted on papers or cloth, metal utensils and stools. The bright colored bangles and fabrics of this place are best buy for the women tourists.

The best time to visit the place is winters and specially during festivals. Mandawa is too hot to visit during summers. Mandawa could be reached by air, rail or road. The nearest airport is the Jaipur airport and Jhunjhunu the nearest railhead. The city could be reached by road from Jaipur, Bikaner and Udaipur.

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Bikaner is the fourth largest city of Rajasthan, surrounded by the Thar Desert. The city is famous for the Junahgarh Fort and the Karni Mata Temple. Located in the northwest region of Rajasthan, Bikaner is the administrative headquarters of the Bikaner district. The day of Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the foundation day of the city. A great celebration takes place in the city on the day of Akshaya Tritiya that lasts for two days. The celebration is done by flying kites and eating delicious Rajasthan food with Bajre ka Khichda and Imli ka Paani as the main items of the feast. The weather here remains warm throughout the festival but still the people enjoy the festival and the sky can be seen full of kites from early morning to late sunset. From the cultures of the city it could clearly be observed that Bikaner was having a glorious past when it was ruled by various Kings. The Palace of Lalgarh was converted into a heritage hotel and the royal family still lives there. Bikaner has been an important trade route between Central Asia and the Gujarat coast since years and is supporting the country economically.

What all to see in Bikaner ?

Bikaner is famous for The Junahgarh Fort which is a must watch on visiting the city. The temples and palaces of the Fort are now preserved as museums and they totally depict the lavish lifestyle of the Maharanas of Rajasthan who ruled the city in the past. The insight view of the fort is made beautiful through paintings on the walls and the architecture. The next is The Laxmi Niwas Palace that was the palace of a Hindu ruler but is now transformed into a luxurious heritage hotel. It was designed by a British architecture who designed it by the use of red sandstone. This is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Bikaner.

The Karni Mata Temple is best for the religious people to explore. Karni Mata is known as the Goddess of War. Maharajas of Bikaner and Jodhpur requested the Karni Mata to lay the foundation of the Bikaner Fort. As the incarnation of the warrior goddess Durga, Karni Mata is worshipped by her followers. The most famous to be noticed in the temple are the white rats. These white rats are treated as sacred and are worshipped, given food and protection in the temple. The Bhandasar Temple is a Jain Temple famous for its beautiful leaf paintings and ornamented mirror work on the walls of the temple. There are legendary stories about the temple and it is said that instead of water, ghee was used in the construction of this temple.

Bikaner is well connected by roads and rail to various major cities. The city could also be reached by air. To travel the deserts and explore the wildlife and vegetation, camel safaris are offered. To have a tour of the city, there are taxis, rickshaws and tongas available inside the city.

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Known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur was the former capital of the Mewar Kingdom. It is a city founded by Maharana Udai Singh and is located in the western part of Rajasthan. The city is the centre for performing arts and crafts and is often referred to as the Venice of the East. The city is a hub of various beautiful palaces and lakes. The city also has plenty of copper and zinc mines. The culture and the locations of the palaces of the Rajputs of Udaipur make it a popular tourist destination. The Shilpgram festival of Udaipur, held sometimes around the New Year is a great hub of arts and crafts that pulls in great crowds of people from all over India. Jaisamand Lake, the largest artificial lake in Asia, is situated in Udaipur. The city is much famous for its architectural beauty of the impressive highly ranked palaces. Udaipur has one of the best solar observatories in Asia. There’s a lot to explore in Udaipur.

The City Palace, a collection of four major and several minor palaces, is a magnificent palace on the banks of Lake Pichola. The tourists can get a wonderful view of the lake and the surrounding city from the balconies and towers of the palace. It was built by Maharana Udai Singh. Every palace inside the City Palace is designed in a unique way and decorated with mirrored tiles, paintings, glass work and ornamental tiles. Today, the main section of the palace has been transformed into a museum but still, the works bring to life the opulence of the era. The museum is a large collection of artifacts and is full of interest for the art lovers.

The original name of the Lake Palace was Jag Niwas Palace that served as a summer palace. The walls of the palace are made of black and white stones and decorated with semi-precious stones. The palace is famous for its gardens, fountains and pillared terraces. Near to Lake Palace is the Jagmandir Palace, also called the ‘Lake Garden Palace’. The palace was used by the royal family as their summer resort and for hosting parties. Another one is the Ahar museum that gains special attention of the tourists by a 10th century metal figure of Buddha. The museum is also known for its profusion of earthen pottery. The Pichola Lake is named after a village, Pichola. The lake is the house of the islands of Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir and along its eastern bank lays the City Palace. Sunset is the best time to take a boat ride in the lake and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Lake and City Palaces.

The most famous temple of Udaipur is the Jagdish Temple. The architecture of the temple depicts the Indo-Aryan style. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is three-storied. The Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park provides a spectacular view of Jag Mandir, Lake Palace, Lake Pichola and City Palace. It is a beautiful garden having musical fountains and a ropeway to the Karni Mata Temple.

Udaipur could be reached by road, rail or air. It is easily accessible by road from every major city of India. Udaipur is best to visit during festivals and especially at the time of New Year when the festival of Shilpgram is celebrated.

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Khimsar is a princely city situated in the north areas of India. Its wealthy traditional legacies, its regional diversities as well as its unique lifestyle and customs make it one of the most popular holiday places in the country. Trip to Khimsar provide one an understanding into the lifestyle of rajasthani. Be palace sojourns, pilgrim tours, wildlife holidays or even desert safaris, holidays in this city helps one to appreciate on these and many more.

A look into the different Khimsar tourism has been given here for your search

Camel safaris in Khimsar : Camel safaris are associated and therefore there can be no better way to discover the sand hills than to begin a camel safari. Camel safaris are available across all the significant areas within a city and the bedecked camels lazily discovering its way through the sand is indeed a practical experience not to be skipped. A joy drive on the camel could be familiar with Khimsar.

Palace trips in Khimsar : All throughout Khimsar what will complete attract you and throw you under its cause are the spectacular castles. Once a residence to the members of the royal families, these castles are fantastic structural illustrations that one can see and amazing at. Distribute across extensive nature-scrapes and housing of the most innovative features, the castles are fantastic resorts too. Yes, many of the standard castles have been transformed into outstanding life resorts and a visitor staying in these can flavor a piece of greatest high-class.

Village provides a particular type of Khimsari dancing and songs. The extensive extends of sand in Khimsar are suitable for sand play. Vehicle safari is the best way out to discover the forests here. It can provide you amazing probability to capture glimpses of animals like sambhar, deer and some snakes. Playing with beaches in Khimsar is actually exciting.

In order to flavor the actual core desert and discover the dune decked scenery further, one can also employ a camel and have fun with the camel drive into the sundown. Watching the sundown from an increased sand dune hypnotizes everyone. Nowhere can the beaches be as mesmerizing as they are in Khimsar. The skills with Ranakpur travel and leisure and a short visit to this town are fascinating. Changing colors of the sun over the desert skyline and moonlit filled over desert scenery are attractions not to be skipped.

A holiday in this city is imperfect without going on a life tour. Whether it is the Ruby citadel in Jaipur or the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, be it the Town Palace in Udaipur or the Brahma Forehead in Pushkar, all admits the age-old record and legacies of the place besides also pleasant the visitors with a number of other features as well for Rajasthan tourism. Marketplaces, cruise trips on the ponds, clinging in the landscapes as well as experiencing hippo and camel trips… all these and much more can be knowledgeable while on a lifestyle visit to Khimsar.

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Kottayam an ancient city located in Kerala with no having border with either Western Ghats or Arabian Sea. A big contribution to print media and literature and hence rightfully referred as “Akshara Nagari” meaning “city of letters”. It is a magnificent place with breathtaking landscape and you will see verdant lands, beautiful highlands, pristine hills and knolls that will take you breathe away.

Its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage has been make it’s a popular tourist destination. From the very Corner of the world tourists come to this city every year to relax and to experience the wealthy cultural values of Kerala.

Kottayam is surrounded by rivers, backwaters, ancient religious places and hill stations. Border by hills on the east , the Vembanad Lake and Paddy Fields of Kutlanad on the west , Panoramic backwater stretches , lush paddy fields highlands , hills and hillocks , rubber plantation places associated with many legends make its the enviable . Winter Season is the Best time to visit the Kottayam. It is well linked to all the towns and cities of Kerala by train, Air, and Water.

A tourist hotspot are a cave at Kottathavalam, a visit to the beautiful scenic villages of Nattakam and Panachikadu will relax your mind and soul , a wonderful place for trekking and water activities such as boating, swimming and fishing village sojourn at refresh you and add memories to cherish, Viacom. A Home to many Sheltered haunts its historical places , heritage temples and its simplistic beauty, Elaveezha Poonchira scenery at its best Surrounded by three hills – Mankunnu, Kodayathoormala and Thonippara – Elaveezha Poonchira ,dotted with exquisite waterfalls and secret alcoves, Famous for trekkers for its terrain and is the perfect picnic spot. Nadukani. A new spot for youngsters and couples due to dense forest, Nilgiri Mountains, Muvattupuzha River, mystical valleys, and colorful flora.

Kottayam best attractions are Marmala Waterfalls (Deadly combination of adventure, danger and beauty), Juma Masjid (1,000 year old mosque in Kottayam It is known for its wonderful architecture and beautiful wooden carvings), Monroe Lighthouse (splendid views of the lush green paddy fields, and do carry a camera – the sunset here is magical),Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary (It’s a perfect place to relax in the midst of nature; its serenity and refreshing aura is an attraction to many), Poonjar Palace ( indication of Kottayam in the olden times a top tourist palace of kottayam it is impressive with its intricate wooden carvings .The rich antiques displayed in the demonstration are remarkable.). Bay Island Driftwood Museum (one-of-its-kind museum in Kottayam, Discs & Machines – Sunny’s Gramophone Museum in Kottayam), St. Mary’s Orthodox Church (One of the oldest churches near Kottayam).

With its beautiful churches, charming nearby hill stations, significant temples, and refreshing waterfalls make pride of God’s own country. The numerous plantations – rubber, coconut, palm, spices and the flora make for lush green landscapes that are totally stunning as such make it as one of the must visit destinations in Kerala.

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Kanyakumari is southernmost tip of India has more to offer than just beautiful sprawling beaches. It is also blessed with majestic hills and gushing rivers. This coastal town is a lovely blend of the cultures of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Over the years it has garnered popularity for watching the sunset and sunrise over the ocean. It is also thronged by devotees owing to its Bhagwati Aman Temple and the Our Lady of Ransom Church.

Kanyakumari Tour Packages include the following 10 best places for sightseeing

Vivekananda Rock Memorial : This memorial is constructed on one of the two rocks which are located off the mainland of Vavathurai which happens to be India’s southernmost tip. It’s magnificent towering height attracts many tourists round the year.

Thiruvalluvar Statue : Thiruvalluvar was a famous Tamil poet and philosopher. His 133 feet tall statue stands atop a small island near the town of Kanyakumari. It was constructed by the then Chief Minister of the state Karunanidhi.

Thanumallayan Temple : This is an important Hindu Temple which is worshipped by many devotees round the year. It is also called Sthanumalayan Temple. It denotes the importance of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Padmanabhapuram Palace : This palace is an enticing wooden edifice of the Kings of Travencore built in the 1550 AD. Intricate rosewood carvings and Kerala’s style of architecture define the superb palace. The royal splendor of the Kings of Travencore oozes from the walls of the palace and bedazzles the onlooker.

Kanyakumari Beach : The virgin beaches with its pristine waters attract tourists round the year as it also is as the southernmost tip of India. People also come here to view the sunset and the sunrise on the ocean.

Bhagwati Amman Temple : Dedicated to Goddess Kumari, this beautiful temple is a famous pilgrimage destination since thousands of years. The intricate carving on its walls and its ornate décor are a must watch.

Sunset View Points : Cape Comorin was the former name of this sunset point of kanyakumari. It has a spectacular and unique sunset point which is a must visit for anyone visiting Kanyakumari. The confluence of three oceans- Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea happens here which makes the view even more spectacular.

Thirparappu Falls : Having a 50 feet drop, the Thirparappu falls are magnificent falls in the Kodai River and is often flocked by tourists.

Wax Museum : The wax museum in Kanyakumari has near real life like 3D images and sculptures of famous personalities.

Our Lady of Ransom Church : This is a famous pilgrimage site and famous church for the Indian Catholics located at the tip of Kanyakumari.

Apart from these, Kanyakumari Tourism also includes sightseeing in places like Vttakotai Fort, Mathur Aqueduct, Gandhi Memorial, Sothavillai Beach, Tsunami Monument, Courtallam Falls and many more beaches and temples.
Come and enjoy a bit of serenity and tranquility in this southernmost beach of India this holiday season by booking your tour with our Kanyakumari Tour Packages. Kanyakumari tourism will enthrall you and fill you with deep respect for our rich cultural heritage.

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Kanchipuram is considered as one of the seven holy towns in India. According to an ancient myth, one is bestowed by salutation on visiting this sacred place. This town of Kanchi is situated 75 Km from Chennai and it is also addressed as the Temple Town. The ancient town was blessed with 1000 temples out of which only 126 are found today. The famous silk industry in India has its roots in this town and the ‘Kancheepuram’ saree has originated from this town. The most common household trade here is linked with the silk produced here. A journey to this mystic land is incomplete without the purchase of Pure mulberry silk sarees or the fine zari sarees which also happen to be the hallmark of this sacred town.

There are many places to visit in Kanchipuram as mentioned below

Ekambareshwar Temple : This temple has its name mentioned in the various works penned down by Tamil poets since the 2nd century. The temple has been constantly improvised since the rule of Pallavas and today stands tall and proud in its present striking form. Its doors stand 40 feet tall and the temple has a mango tree adjacent to it which is said to be 3500 years old. The dominance of the Dravidian culture stands vivid in all the temples of this religious capital of India. The sheer brilliance of the designs makes one wonder about the passion and interest in art and architecture by the ancient rulers of this town.

Kamakshi Amman Temple : Kancheepuram is one of the three cities in India where Goddess Shakti is worshipped. This temple has a golden chariot and a gold plated tower as its priced possession. The temple has a gallery which depicts the life history of the famous Adisankaracharya.

Kanchi Kudil : This is a small depiction of the life of the people of Kancheepuram built with an intention of attracting tourists. Kudil means a house and this house is 90 years old. There are many cultural programs organized in the evenings here through which one gets an insight into the lives of the Kanchi people.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary : This bird watcher’s paradise has many rare bird species. Photography is done extensively here. Ranked as one of the oldest bird sanctuaries in India, this place is a must visit during your trip to Kancheepuram.

Apart from the above mentioned wonders, there are numerous other temples like the kailasanathar Temple, Devarajaswami temple and many others which are worth a visit in this town. Do not miss the Dutch Fort, Covelong Beach, Muttukadu and Mammalapuram in your Kanchipuram tour package. Visit the silk factories and see for yourself the exceptional skill and precision with which silk is woven into a kancheepuram saree. Make sure your Kanchipuram tour package covers all the above mentioned places to visit in Kancheepurm.

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Embark on an exciting sojourn to the land of the royals – Jodhpur with your friends and family this year and get a taste of royalty. Nestled amidst the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, this ancient city has many a castles and ancient wonders etched to its crown. This holiday season, come and visit this princely city with many exciting offers on our Jodhpur packages. This tourist destination is thronged by tourists round the year owing to its year’s old rich cultural heritage and the numerous palaces, forts and temples set in the striking landscape of the desert.

The city of Jodhpur is fondly called as the ‘Sun City’ owing to its bright and sunny weather all year round. Its old city area has numerous houses in blue color due to which the city is also addressed as the ‘blue city’. Located in the geographical center of Rajasthan state, the city is flocked by tourists as it is a convenient destination for traveling around Rajasthan. The city is famous for its flourishing cottage industry manufacturing carpets, glass bangles, marbles, cutlery and other handicraft items. Mawa ki Kachori, pyaaji ki kachori, makhiyana lassi, mirchi bada, lassan ki chutney, gatta are few of the tasty local delicacies of this city one must taste.

There are many enticing tourist places in Jodhpur which make it a must visit

Mehrangarh Fort : This is one of the most famous historical forts of India. It still has the imprints of the cannonball attacks rendered by the Jaipur army, etched on its walls. The fort still stands tall and sturdy and is quite famous for its intricate latticed windows, carved panels, walls of the Sheesh Mahal, Phool Mahal and Moti Mahal.

Jaswant Thada : This tall memorial in a milky white hue strikes the onlooker with its magnanimity. Engineered at the end of the 19th century, this one was built as a tribute to its famous leader Jaswant Singh. Jaswant Singh was a renowned leader of Marwar who invested well in bringing up the economy of the state.

Chamunda Mataji Temple : The Mehrangarh Fort was converted into a temple by Rao Jodha who worshipped the Goddess Chamunda Mataji. The temple is quite famous and well known amongst the royals and kings who worship the Goddess.

Ghanta Ghar : This famous clock tower of Rajasthan stands magnificently amidst a buy street of Jodhpur called the Sadar Bazaar. Constructed by Shri Sardar Singh from Jodhpur, this stands tall as an icon of Jodhpur. The street is a famous shopping mart selling textiles, figurines, silver jewelry and marble idols.

Umaid Bhawan Palace : This fabulous palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1929, to help the state which was under the spell of a major famine. The palace is also called the Chittar Palace due to the stones taken from the Chittar hill for its construction. It features a blend of western Art Deco Style, Classical Revival and Indo-Sarcenic and is also acclaimed as one of the largest private homes in the world.

These and many more such as Fort Auwa, Kaylana Lake, Mandore, Balsamand Lake, Mandaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Sardar Samand Lake and Palace, Veer Dugadas Smarak, Masooria Hills, Bhim bhirak Cave, Ravan Ka Mandir, Ranisar and Padamsar, Khelarja Fort and Jodhpur Fort are some famous tourist places in Jodhpur which one cannot afford to miss in their Jodhpur package.

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If history bedazzles you then Jaisalmer is a city you must visit in your next holiday. Jaisalmer is the home to geologic tragedies occurred around 180 million years ago. This city is fondly addressed as the ‘Golden City’ owing to its yellow colored sand stones. It also happens to be India’s frontier on the Western direction and is close to the Pakistan Border. The city of Jaisalmer traces its origin way back in the 12th century by Rawal Jaisal. This magnificent place is often called the city where the forts are still alive! Having such an ancient history and a geologic importance, one cannot afford to miss a trip to this City !

Make sure your Jaisalmer Tour Package does include the below mentioned tourist destinations in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort : this beguiling fort is also called the ‘Sonar Quila’ i.e. the Golden Fort owing to its golden hues generated by the reflection of the vast desert. This mystical fort is constructed in the classic old style of the royals by skilled craftsmen of the locality. It is a world heritage site.

Jaisalmer Government Museum : This museum is one of the prime attractions of the tourists visiting Jaisalmer. The museum has a trophy of the Rajasthan’s state bird called Godawan as one of its most striking displays. It also houses rock-cut crockery, statues from the 9th century AD, some traditional household items and many more intriguing things which give a glimpse of the city’s rich traditional heritage.

Nathmal Ji ki Haveli : This Haveli built by two architect brothers in the 19th century is a monument of striking symmetrical construction. It is decorated with tuskers carved out of sandstone and miniature paintings.

Salim Singh ki Haveli : Built in the 18th century, this magnificent haveli still houses descendants of the royal families. It has a beautiful arched roof which is designed in the shape of peacocks.

Patwon ki Haveli : This is one of the most elaborately carved haveli in Jailsalmer and it has a five-storyed structure. The haveli still has a few of its original paintings and mirror works adorning its walls.

Gadisar Lake : This was a planned and artificially constructed lake by the Maharawal Gadsi Singh in the 14th century to counter the water scarcity. Many small temples and shrines were constructed around it to signify its importance.

Bada Bagh : This Big Garden houses royal cenotaphs of the Kings of Jaisalmer. The beautiful location of the garden offers great sunset vistas to the tourists.

Desert National Park : The diverse ecosystem and the intriguing wildlife of the Thar Desert can be seen in this National Park. Rocks, salt lakes and sand dunes have formed this National Park which hordes various animal species like the black buck, chinkara and fox. The Great Indian Bustard is also seen flying here.

Kuldhara : The ruins of the Kuldhara and the Khabha villages which were abandoned by the villagers overnight can be seen in Jaisalmer. These depict the fine knowledge of architechtural excellence of that era. It is believed that the place is cursed which was the reason for the mass exodus.

A Jaisalmer Tour Package should include the entire above mentioned tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. A trip to Jaisalmer would be a peep back into time and prove to be both engaging and enchanting!

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You cannot miss a journey into the colorful and chaotic streets of the ‘Pink City’ this holiday season! Jaipur City, the capital of Rajasthan has much more to offer than its rich and enthralling cultural heritage and historical monuments. Wonderfully blended into a heady mix of the old and new, this city today holds the crown of being the most flamboyant state of India.

As diversified as can be, this is a city where one can spot camels and buses gushing on the streets along with the cycle rickshaws and shiny cars! Amidst this crazy mayhem lie the serene and tranquil splendors of Jaipur’s majestic forts and palaces. What adds to one’s awe is that the heart of the city is still the home to the former royal family. A Jaipur Sightseeing Package evokes a sense of sheer wonder and curiosity as to how the ancient India lived and evolved thereafter!

A Jaipur City Tour will take you around the below mentioned must visit tourist destinations in the city

City Palace : Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II had created a walled enclosure around the Jaipur City Palace. This palace incorporates both Mughal and Rajput style of architecture. One section of the palace still has one of the previous royal families as its residents. The Chandra-Mahal is a seven-storeyed tower is located within the walls of the palace.

Hawa Mahal : This famous ‘Palace of Winds’ was contructed by the famous poet- Sawai Pratap Singh. It is a huge 5-storeyed structure constructed with pink sandstones and has 356 delicately carved windows. Its basic purpose was to allow the women of the royal families to view the life on the streets.

Amber Fort : This enchanting palace sits in between rustic and rugged hills. It is a classic blend of the Mughal and Rajput culture. It is made of white marble and red sandstone.

Jantar Mantar : Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh built the Jantar Mantar and it is considered to be the largest astronomical observatories. This has been built in such a way that it can measure time, track the plants orbiting the sun and track the other celestial bodies.

Nahargarh Fort : This Fort lies on the northern frontier of Jaipur. It was built by jai Singh to defend Amber in 1734.

Jal Mahal : This beautiful Lake Palace looks enchanting amidst the deep blue waters of the lake. Its sand colored walls and the sunlight makes it a wonderfully contrasting citadel in the lake. It appears to float in the lake and is thronged by tourists.

Jaigarh Fort : This is one of the most magnificent forts of Jaipur built by Sawai Jai Singh II. Though it has an ancient form of construction, it still stands magnificently tall and has an imposing and a strong appearance. It also houses the world’s largest canon called the Jaiban inside the Fort.

Albert Hall Museum : This exquisite museum lies in the center of the Ram Niwas Garden. It was designed by Swinton Jacob in a Indo-Sarcenic way. It has a huge collection of metal objects, carpets, sculptures, arms and ammunitions, ivory and stone goods and many more valuable things.

These and many more like the Birla Mandir, Govndji Temple, Rambagh Palace, Raj Mandir Cinema, etc will be covered during your Jaipur City Tour. Apart from Jaipur sightseeing Package do not miss on shopping on the streets of the city.

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