Gangtok is the capital and the largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim. It is also known as the Switzerland of India, Gangtok has always been able to attract a lot of travellers domestically as well as internationally. For a while, It is so beautiful that one and every person visits Gangtok. It has forever been a favoured destination for vacationers in search of peace and heaven. During your tour, you will be nestled amongst the long-standing Shivalik Hill ranges, this pint little city enjoys mild, temperate climates all year throughout. Perhaps, as the world’s third tallest mountain peak Kanchenjunga lies to the east of the city.

Catch the stunning views of the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain from. Best time to visit this town is in January and this ancient place can be enjoyed with the local mask dance called the ‘Cham’. In fact, Gangtok is filled with monasteries and is major Buddhism worshipped place, with its teachings and culture. It’s one of the cleanest cities in the whole wide world, properly organised. The main reason why it’s called the Switzerland of the East.

Planning to visit Gangtok in the month of December, must visit the Palace of the Chogyal (Monarch) which is open to the public during the Pang Lhabsol festival.

Gangtok is an experience you will cherish for the whole lifetime. Just love the simplicity of life at a leisurely pace. On the outskirts lie dense forests of poplar, birch, oak, and elm, as well as evergreen, coniferous trees of the wet alpine zone that are the gems of Gangtok to visit for any curious traveller. Visit Gangtok and spot several rare varieties at flower shops in the city where orchids are quite commonly found. Bamboos are also abundant. The biggest and abundantly visible attraction in Gangtok is the simple charm of the city that too with nature.

One of the often visited places in your Gangtok tour is the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. It was built in 1958 as a research centre for Buddhism and Tibetan culture. Not just being a museum of traditional and old facts, they also sell Buddhist related religious books and other moments of the craft. Nearby is a gompa(sort of monastery) for young lamas. The Tsuk-La-Khang or Royal Chapel is the spiritual place of worship for the Buddhists and is the huge religious relic, generally open during the Losar festival. Another important monastery is the Enchey Gompa.

The tourists/ visitors in their Gangtok tour can have complete enjoyment with thrilling adventure, awesome climate, spiritual and religious tours and unparalleled exotic natural beauty. it is a cosmopolitan city offering all the best possible amenities to their travellers here. Cyber cafes, pubs, pool parlours, malls, night clubs and Shopping complexes are available in good number for those who love the nightlife. There are luxurious hotels like The Golden Crest, Hotel New Castle, Hotel Sonam Delek etc. Visit and explore Gangtok, you will find the best.

Dharamshala is a city in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is the second winter capital of Himachal Pradesh. Mostly Mid of September to next year till winter’s end is the good time to plan a trip to Dharamshala. Experiencing snowy glaciers and cold weather is the best time spent.Eventually, its your luck might see bright days or rainy or snowy days during your trip to Dharamshala. If you want to see snow & it’s not snowing during your trip to Dharamshala, a trek of fewer than 5 km from Dharamshala will take you to place to nearest snow point. Anywhere nearby Dharamshala it is a pleasant weather always. It is located near the Kangra Valley in the shadow of the Dhauladhar mountains. It’s a lush green city with more of naturalism to cherish. Trips end but the memory remains forever.

Some good hotels and resorts to stay include, Pema Thang, Kareri Lodge, Hotel Bhagsu, Hotel Dhaula Dhar,etc. These are the finest place to stay and can be luxurious while giving an adventurous touch. Tourism in Dharamshala is not limited to outsiders, but the people of Dharamshala are so in love with the city that they don’t miss a trip to the local short treks to the snow point or even to the activities like river rafting, banana ride and other sports activities. People who love to go for adventurous tours, this is the finest destination. It’s a beautiful place and one can never skip this place to visit in India. When you reach here you will no longer remember your home and cherish the memories you will go through whole your life. With a pleasant place, you will definitely stay longer.

Mcleodganj & other places around Dharamsala can be accessed by taxi or local buses. This Town is surrounded by cedar forests on the edge of the Himalayas, this hillside city is home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government-in-exile. Some main attractions and key places nearby which can be visited during a trip to Dharamshala are Mcleod Ganj, bhagsunag, naddi, Dal lake, norbingka, indrunag, tapovan, chamunda, palampur, Kangra Museum,Kangra Fort, etc. If keen on trekking, do go for a day trek to Triund, highly recommended.The Thekchen Chöling Temple Complex is a spiritual centre for Tibetan Buddhism, while the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives houses thousands of precious manuscripts. Although with all these beautiful places one can visit, Dharamshala is becoming one of the exotic destinations to visit during the tour of Himachal Pradesh. Visit and stay beautiful at this beautiful place. Its a must visit and comes in the best destination tourism in India. As far as tourism in Dharamshala is concerned. it is the favourite place in Himachal Pradesh anyone can go for.

The Garden City of India evolved to become the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru is the 3rd largest and one of the best places to live in India.

Though officially Bangalore is called Bengaluru it is the capital of Karnataka. The Language spoken here is Kannada.

Coming to the religious side, you must visit two eminently religious places like the Bull Temple and ISKCON Temple. Both these temples are recognised all over the country. Many other places in and around Bangalore like Hampi, Badami, Belur, Bandipur National Park and Mysore Palace can also be included in the checklist in the Bangalore sightseeing.

So, make the trip unique and memorable and do visit Bangalore.

With a plethora of jobs for young professionals, mainly IT, Bengaluru is a truly cosmopolitan and a metro city with a diversity of people from all over the country, not just in search of jobs but in search of a better life. The rise of startups and self-employment culture in Bengaluru has driven entrepreneurs here. This city is a mixture of cultures, it reflects a blend of old and new. The Banglore tourism has developed the city Lined with long stretches of trees, gardens and parks, old heritage buildings, busy crowded markets and newly constructed buildings and complexes. Visit Bengaluru as it seems to have a bit of everything for everyone.

Weather is good throughout the year. Though highly crowded good eating joints, cafes, pubs and breweries. As was once called the Garden city if India, it is a lush green city with a lot of lakes.

Visit Bangalore and stay in various hotels and rooms that are available according to budget to high price ranges. The trending Self-services apartments are also available here. Some of the best Hotels to stay at Bangalore are The Leela Palace, The Lalit Ashok, ITC Windsor, Taj Westend etc. These are the luxurious hotels. One can get a limited budget to stay here also. Those hotels are affordable and available all around the city. One can explore Bengaluru in buses, rickshaws, trains etc.

Top places to visit in Bengaluru for the shopping purposes flea market at MG road, for some royal heritage there is Bangalore Palace, also housing the butterfly park Bannerghatta national park attracts tourists as well, and etc. The Lalbagh, Cubbon Park , wonderla water park are some entertainment and activity parks to attract a lot of visitors to visit Bangalore.

The city is a popular tourist destination in the state of Karnataka which has got a convenient gateway to Kerala, Mysore, Coorg and Ooty. Visit Bengaluru to visit a range from historical fanatics to modern day shopping malls and pilgrimage sites. Some of the places to see when visiting Bangalore, that are unscratched are Bangalore Palace, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Government Museum, Vidhan Soudha, etc.

Celebrate love ! Visit Agra and experience the lifetime opportunity of eternal love which flows in the history of the city. Get a sneak peak of iconic heritage with a twist of awesome food and feel like a king.

Agra is a city in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state. The city is known for being home to one of the universally admired and iconic masterpieces of the world heritage. Tourism offers many must visit places. A trip to Agra will make you visit one of the 7 wonders of the world. Must see places during your Trip to Agra, is Taj Mahal. It has an architectural style that combines elements from Persian, Ottoman Turkish and Indian architectural styles. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Its beauty attracts numerous Indian and international tourists to visit this site.

Though everyone knows about the history of Taj Mahal, which was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal and is regarded by many, as the finest example of True love. The Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum located in Agra, widely recognised as ‘the Jewel of Muslim Art’ in India. Apart from Taj Mahal, Agra Fort is a must see place to visit too. Which is located, about 2.5 km north-west of the Taj Mahal. It served as the royal residence of Mughals for generations, the fort was the battle site during the Indian rebellion of 1857.

Do you wish to visit a dream vacation ? Welcome to the best tourism in Uttar Pradesh. One can select Agra tour packages for short or a longer duration. One can customise the packages by including the choice of the hotel, places and the duration of the stay. There are many companies offering Agra packages which include all the must visit places along with the to and from by car, bus etc.

Agra also has UNESCO World Heritage site. History fanatics, tremendous architecture, eternal romance all together create the magic of Agra which is almost the backbone of Indian tourism. Apart from its monuments, the city also has some exciting stuff for the food lovers, including the famous Petha (sweet) and amazing chat and Lassi. Also, there is no shortage of accommodation options in Agra, no matter what your budget.

For luxurious experiences, you would find some of the finest five-star hotels, some of them designed with traditional Indian architecture, making them look like an old palace or haveli from the days of the Mughals. And then others are ultra-modern hotels with state of the art facilities and luxuries. The Oberoi Amarvilas is one of the finest 5-star hotels in Uttar Pradesh, here you get to have a moonlit view of the Taj from your room’s balcony. This Town also has many hotels in all budget categories.

Amritsar is a city is the largest and most important city in Punjab. The main place to fame in this city is highlighted by Amritsar tourism to attract visitors is the dazzling Golden temple. This lavish temple sits in the middle of the pond Harminder Sahib. Amritsar is home to the world famous Golden Temple and also popular among the Sikhs caste of India, the cultural capital of India’s north-western state, Punjab. Located near the border of India and Pakistan, named as Waghah borders, Amritsar is a city that played an extremely important role in Indian history. Amritsar gets its name from the lake that surrounds the Harmandir Sahib pilgrimage most popularly known as Golden Temple.

The lake is called Amrit Sarovar, which stands for a holy and Sarovar pool of nectar, hence the city got named Amritsar. From food, weather, music and art to history, religion and traditions, and culture there is a lot to experience in Amritsar.

Places to visit when in Amritsar are many. Waghah border is just around the golden temple and must see.Wagah is the only road border crossing between Pakistan and India between Amritsar(India) and Lahore (Pakistan) cities. Its a must visit as there is a boundary between the two countries and the gates are opened and Armies of both the countries are face to face.

Next place to see is the Jallianwalabagh garden. It remarks in the history when on the command of the Britisher’s, lacks of innocent Indians were fired. This event was one of the major incidents of India’s freedom struggle. The memorial well is also present there in which some people jumped to escape the firing. This memorable well along with the memories of dead people is a place where people go and feel the freedom fighters success to freedom of the country. Durgiana Temple, Rambagh Garden, Ram Tirath and Mata temple are some more spiritual places to visit in Amritsar. Forts like Farid Fort, Govind Garh fort etc are an important heritage.

Nearby places from Amritsar are some most popular cities of the state of Punjab that are Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Bhatinda, etc. Well known for their lush green gardens of wheat and rice, Punjab is a state where the local people wear their heart on their sleeves. Well greeted and most friendly locals make Amritsar a must visit a city in India.

Amritsar Tourism is such actively supporting the city that it is known to have the tourist footfall more than the footfall visiting Taj Mahal.

Raja Sansi Airport at Amritsar is well connected with various cities. Railways and roads as well. Amritsar Tourism has started buses and cabs also to attract visitors. It has affordable and luxurious hotels like Taj Swarna Amritsar, Hotel Sawera Inn, Hyatt Amritsar etc. People can stay for long and short duration here. If you visit Amritsar you can experience the welcoming people and the culturally and beautiful places it has which is a heritage of India.

Pondicherry is a nonviolent and picturesque tourist destination of Southern India. Tourists from across the world come here to spend enjoyable holidays. The civilization of this purpose is magnetism in itself. It is the Union territory of India situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is a beautiful place offering mesmerizing attractions. In This Pondicherry Tour So Many attractions Places like calm environment, tradition memorial, beautiful beaches, natural beauty and exclusive culture will leave you charmed.

Pondicherry is a superb place recognized for its India as well as French culture. The culture of this place is deeply influenced by the French culture. This destination has served as the French colony in the past. It is divided into two colonies, the Indian Quarter and the French Quarter. During the 2nd century, Pondicherry was a trade center of Roman supplies. There are many places to visit in Pondicherry. A few of them are listed below.

The famed attractions of Pondicherry Tour are :

Auroville : It is a special and beautiful town. It is recognized as Universal Town as people belonging to different nationality live here quietly. It is also called the City of Dawn. The beautiful greenery and pretty surroundings of this city will leave you charmed. This city was by a yoga leader named Mirra Alfassa. She was recognized as the Mother. She had the firm devotion to the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. The Mother founded this city with a thought of bringing a positive change in the minds of people concerning human relations. UNESCO approved this project in 1966. Matrimandir is one of the major attractions of this city. It is the world like structure with golden discs. It is surrounded by inspirational gardens. It has a passive hall for meditation.

Beaches : The beaches of Pondicherry recommend sheer natural beauty. They are calm and charming. Spend some time there and you will be invigorated to the hilt. The clean surroundings are one of the major features of the beaches.

Navagrah Temple : This good looking temple is devoted to the nine planets. According to Hindu astrology, these planets have a great power on the life of human beings. There are nine holy places inside the temple complex.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram : This ashram was well known to assist people to awaken to their highest state of life. People can come here and learn about life attitude.

French Food Festival : It is one of the main attractions of Pondicherry. It recommends a broad variety of French dishes. It is seized in the month of August every year by the Pondicherry Tourism Department.

Pondicherry Tour signals you for revitalizing holidays at Pondicherry. It is a good looking destination recommends amazing attractions.

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