Vacationing at Chennai City Will be the Most Delightful Affair

Tourism industry in India is buzzing with lots of activities and welcomes international and domestic tourists with happy heart. Tourists those who visit India make it a point to enter Chennai City which is in Tamil Nadu since there are lots of rich and famous ancient temples, monuments, heritage sites and museums. There are also other tourist attractions in Chennai and some of the most visited site seeing places in this city is National Art Gallery and Government Museum, which are over 100 years old. Chennai City was once ruled by British kings and queens also have buildings and monuments which are constructed by British Lords and viceroys.

Europeans especially citizens of Britain frequent places like Fort St. George, Guindy engineering college, Madras high court, Government teacher training institute, General post office, King institute of preventive medicine and dance and music college. Foreign tourists also visit Theosophical society which was founded in the year 1875. People those who tour Chennai City also make it a point to enter into Marina beach which is one of the world’s longest beach in the world. International tourists book a comfortable room through Tourism Development Corporation and see lots of tourist attractions that are situated in Chennai and suburbs. Chennai City is also a world class commercial destination which houses lots of shops, malls, theatres, resorts, clubs and hotels and living here for a day will be a great joy. People those who are new to this city can cover all the tourist places within a day and exit from this city.

Chennai City has One of The Logest Beaches In The World

There are lots of reputed tourism operators those who offer quick tourist services to the foreigners and take them to different tourist hubs that are situated in and around Chennai. Visitors those who travel through the beach side will be able to have a glimpse of Chennai University, the Senate house and the Palace of Nawabs of Carnatic. They can also watch and enter into San Thome Cathedral where the saint was buried. Individuals those who love temples and churches can enter into kapaleeshwarar temple which is situated in Mylapore and also St. Thomas Church which is situated on a small hillock close to Chennai international airport.

This is the place where St. Thomas was assassinated by the enemies. Kapleeshwarar temple has a beautifully sculpted Gopuram and also has a very big temple tank situated near the entrance of the temple. This temple which is one of the ancient shrines dedicated for Lord Shiva is very popular not only in India but throughout the world. Visitors to Chennai City will enjoy night life since they can step into lots of luxurious hotels, shops, malls and business centers. Tourists can taste lots of delicious and lip-smacking south Indian cuisines when they step into some of the reputed hotels and restaurants. They can also walk along the seashore with their family members and enjoy the cool breeze. Light house which is located near St. Thome Church is an important tourist spot and the visitors can enter into the light house premises during business hours and reach the top most floor of the light house after paying nominal entrance fees.