Goa, a place full of beaches and good weather. “It can not resist It is placed!”, Says the people. Some people later from a visit here the lead to House. A trip to Goa will give you the answer to why people look for this beautiful place. It has beaches, wildlife, forests, water sports, etc.

Each friend’s group is definitely planning a trip to Goa together during their friendship period, whether it’s gone or not, but it’s definitely planned. The place plus funny for the smaller, this town not only it is only trance parties and Beaches. It has a mixture of Indian and Portuguese culture, sweetened with sand, sun and seafood.

Goa is a popular and smallest state in western India with coasts along the Arabian Sea. According to their fans of the history, This Town It was a Portuguese colony before 1961. A city of one pint is known for its fascinating beaches, ranging from famous stretches in Baga and Palolem to those in fishing villages such as the Agenda.

The food is fully enjoyed in this city, the spices and flavours of Goa’s cuisine will definitely tempt even experienced travellers or for the first time.

A trip to Goa will definitely remind your memories for a long time.

There are 20-25 beaches with many waterfalls and lakes that make it the natural heritage of adventurous people.

Goa, named after the famous explorer Vasco DA Gama, Vasco is the largest city in Goa. In addition, Old Goa houses the Portuguese-style cathedral and the baroque basilica of Bom Jesus, which houses the remains of the patron saint of the state, Francis Xavier. In the capital, which is Panaji, the streets contain galleries, cafes and houses. For the most part, for commercial purposes, tourists flock to the famous Anjuna flea market and the very famous Mackie night bazaar. Goa apart from its beaches and shopping markets, it has small villages, quiet retreats, beautiful waterfalls and wild jungle trails.

Tourism in Goa is not limited to the people of India, foreigners, even visit India and experience the best in the city.

Goa, by far, is the destination of the most frequented tourists in India receiving a flow of visitors from India and abroad alike. Accommodation in Goa is abundant with a variety of hotels and resorts. This city has many hotels that range from luxury to budget. All hotels in this city have somehow managed to establish a good reputation for themselves over the years. Most hotels are located near the main beaches that offer panoramic views of the city. Some of the Hotels plus acquaintance’s son Park Hyatt Resort and Spa, The Lalit, Dona Alcina Resort Hotel Park Plaza, The Majestic Hotels, Coconut Grove Hotel, etc.

This town is a must-see and a beautiful state that has everything a person loves to enjoy. Therefore, visit this place and value the memories for life.