Kanyakumari is southernmost tip of India has more to offer than just beautiful sprawling beaches. It is also blessed with majestic hills and gushing rivers. This coastal town is a lovely blend of the cultures of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Over the years it has garnered popularity for watching the sunset and sunrise over the ocean. It is also thronged by devotees owing to its Bhagwati Aman Temple and the Our Lady of Ransom Church.

Kanyakumari Tour Packages include the following 10 best places for sightseeing

Vivekananda Rock Memorial : This memorial is constructed on one of the two rocks which are located off the mainland of Vavathurai which happens to be India’s southernmost tip. It’s magnificent towering height attracts many tourists round the year.

Thiruvalluvar Statue : Thiruvalluvar was a famous Tamil poet and philosopher. His 133 feet tall statue stands atop a small island near the town of Kanyakumari. It was constructed by the then Chief Minister of the state Karunanidhi.

Thanumallayan Temple : This is an important Hindu Temple which is worshipped by many devotees round the year. It is also called Sthanumalayan Temple. It denotes the importance of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Padmanabhapuram Palace : This palace is an enticing wooden edifice of the Kings of Travencore built in the 1550 AD. Intricate rosewood carvings and Kerala’s style of architecture define the superb palace. The royal splendor of the Kings of Travencore oozes from the walls of the palace and bedazzles the onlooker.

Kanyakumari Beach : The virgin beaches with its pristine waters attract tourists round the year as it also is as the southernmost tip of India. People also come here to view the sunset and the sunrise on the ocean.

Bhagwati Amman Temple : Dedicated to Goddess Kumari, this beautiful temple is a famous pilgrimage destination since thousands of years. The intricate carving on its walls and its ornate décor are a must watch.

Sunset View Points : Cape Comorin was the former name of this sunset point of kanyakumari. It has a spectacular and unique sunset point which is a must visit for anyone visiting Kanyakumari. The confluence of three oceans- Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea happens here which makes the view even more spectacular.

Thirparappu Falls : Having a 50 feet drop, the Thirparappu falls are magnificent falls in the Kodai River and is often flocked by tourists.

Wax Museum : The wax museum in Kanyakumari has near real life like 3D images and sculptures of famous personalities.

Our Lady of Ransom Church : This is a famous pilgrimage site and famous church for the Indian Catholics located at the tip of Kanyakumari.

Apart from these, Kanyakumari Tourism also includes sightseeing in places like Vttakotai Fort, Mathur Aqueduct, Gandhi Memorial, Sothavillai Beach, Tsunami Monument, Courtallam Falls and many more beaches and temples.
Come and enjoy a bit of serenity and tranquility in this southernmost beach of India this holiday season by booking your tour with our Kanyakumari Tour Packages. Kanyakumari tourism will enthrall you and fill you with deep respect for our rich cultural heritage.