Unique Sole of Kumarakom

Enjoy ride into Kumarakom, a serene place located just 10 miles from the heart of Kottayam in God’s own country Kerala. This backwater town is on the shores of the enchanting Vembanand Lake glittering against the starlit-dark. Vembanad Lake being the largest lake in Kerala, Kumarakom receives a lot of travel enthusiasts because of its stunning backwater tourism. Make yourself at home in its small-still lagoons.

Gliding among the calm and serene backwaters flanked by green leaves and palm, seeing a rural Kerala preserved through the ages and completely hidden Ron the road is a unique experience to any visitors. More so on these slow moving, spacious houseboats. One would get mesmerized by the scenic beauty that Vembanad Lake is set to offer. From luxury resorts to budget resorts, from boating to yachting, from fishing to musing, Kumaraokom has a package in its bay for every type of tourists who arrive to its door of elegance.

Travel Experience

The very word Kerala and Onam might be re-sounding to one and one other word – boats. Importance is given for Iruttukuthi boats than Snake boats in this race. Other than a heart racing boat race and an extraordinary panoramic view of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom also entertains nature lovers. The other major attraction site of this enchanting place is the bird sanctuary. It not just attracts birds but also tourists from every part of the globe by spells of nature. The sanctuary is open from 6am to 6pm to accommodate every tourist’s schedule. This bird sanctuary can be reached by canoes which provide a two hour long backwater experience. When visited in early morning or late evening, the Sun and the surrounding offers a lot more to the eye and heart in the bird sanctuary.

After all the heartwarming experiences one could have had so far, Kumarakom has a lot more in store. Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall is a name that could make hearts pound and a surrounding rubber plantation can get a person to their knees. Both these places are photographer’s delight and the best spot for the selfie lovers of this young generation. It offers a stunning experience with nature and greenery all around where we can feel one among the nature. If all of these weren’t enough, en route from Alappuzha to Kumarakom, take a break at the picturesque Pathiramanal Island. This small island is known for its scenic beauty is also a favorite haunt of migratory birds. Next on the list is the red-brick building, near Kumarakom, is not to be missed. The museum of Bay Island Driftwood has unique collection of sculptures. This place provides a heartfelt satisfaction for the history lovers.

Touch Point Of Kumarakom

For every visit, we love to take something back as a symbol of remembrance. Kumarakom has a lot to take in the form of antique antique shops. These shops offers a wide variety of products from handicrafts, knives, ethnic designs, decorated door latches utensils, gramophones, coins, etc. One can also feast one’s eye with their traditional houses and churches which could put one in awe.