Mumbai the mesmerizing commercial capital of India makes a great holiday spot. Mumbai acts as a gateway for international tourists planning to visit the western India. Mumbai is a good starting point from which to tour the beaches of Goa or travel further down the coast to South India. There are many tourist attractions in Mumbai, including its beaches, markets, heritage buildings and film city. Tourist attractions near Bombay include the Elephanta Caves and the hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala.

Enjoy full day city sightseeing tour of this town. Mumbai a cluster of seven islands, the city is constantly changing whilst also standing still in the past the city’s name was changed in recent times to Bombay, derived from Mumbadevi, the patron goddess of the Koli fishermen, its oldest inhabitants.

Natural Dazzy:

Once upon a time Mumbai was passed off as a Portuguese princess’ dowry and later an adornment of neo-gothic British architecture. Mumbai today is more than just a metropolis. It is in fact an enigma of mud huts & skyscrapers, age old traditions & high fashions, the industrialists’ heaven & movie makers’ Hollywood.

A lovely natural harbor and winding creek set off the city of Bombay from the long, narrow coast of Western India. Mumbai pulsates with activity. It is a city that is disciplined by no time frame-neither by day nor night. Mumbai is also the country’s financial powerhouse, the nation’s industrial heartland, and its economic nerve center. Dazzling shopping arcades, exciting sport activity, nightclubs and discotheques, theatre and music, gourmet restaurants and interesting sightseeing–Bombay offers the visitor a heady mix of all this and more.

The Sightseeing of Bombay City:

The sightseeing of the Bombay city includes Gateway of India, The Prince of Wales Museum, the Victoria Terminus and Dhobi ghats. The Gateway of India was built during 1924-1927 to commemorate the visit to India of King George V of England in 1911. It is the most enduring symbol of the city. Next to the Gateway of India is the Prince of Wales Museum, built in 1911 one of the biggest museums in the country. The Victoria Terminus, popularly known as VT is the major railway station and is considered the most beautiful edifice in the city. Dhobi Ghat or washer man’s enclave provides a very interesting insight into Bombay’s local culture.

One of the most famous beaches in Bombay is the Chowpatty beach which is a popular spot for people seeking an evening out. The annual Ganesh Chaturthi festival is best experienced here. Nightlife in Mumbai is exciting with many hip and happening discotheques and nightclubs. Gourmet restaurants add to the party mood in this town. For excursion offers places like Elephanta islands, Gateway of India, Krishnagiri Upavan National Park, Kanheri caves, Manori beach, Montepezir and Jogeshwari Caves and Bassein.

Seasons To Visit Mumbai:

Mumbai is pleasant enough to be visited any time of the year, though the hot and humid months of June, July and August are best avoided. An extensive network of flights from Mumbai’s Sahar (International) and Santa Cruz (Domestic) airports connects it with national and international destinations. Bombay has trains connecting it to all the major cities of India. The road network links Bombay with other cities in Maharashtra as well as its adjoining states.

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