India enjoys rich cultural heritage and tradition for the past several centuries and encourages foreign tourists in many unique ways. India welcomes hundreds of historians, curators and painters and other art professionals those who hail from other countries and encourages them to visit monument and historic sites of India. Tourists those who visit palaces and other rich heritage centers in North India also visit Karnataka since this beautiful state enjoys chilly climates throughout the year. Bangalore and Mysore are some of fastest growing commercial cities which houses IT hubs and other business centers. Tourists and other business executives those who enter Bangalore make it a point to visit this city which is around 150 km away since it has world class Palace that was constructed by Maharaja of Mysore.

It is worth to note that Mysore combines traditional grandeur with modernity and emerges as one of the most beautiful and best planned cities in India. City sightseeing includes Maharaja palace, the lush Brindavan Gardens which has dancing fountain built on the terraces of Krishnarajasagar Dam and the Chamundi Hills. Mysore is classified as one of the preferred destinations for international and local tourists since it is clean, tidy and built wonderfully. Mysore served as the capital city of Kingdom of Mysore and was ruled by Wodeyar dynasty. During dasra festival this palace will be illuminated with rich lights which will be a visual fiesta. Strength of tourists increases multifold only during this peak season.

People Can Also Visit Adjoining places When They Tour Mysore

Actual name of Mysore palace is Amba vilas palace. One of the most import tourist attractions which are becoming a crowd puller is Mysore Zoo which is a very big zoo which houses numerous rare birds, animals and other such species. People those who visit this city can also walk on the streets near the palace and purchase shopping items from the best shops. Mysore sandal soap and other perfumed products that are naturally prepared here is very famous and international citizens’ step into these shops for purchasing handful of soaps, perfumes and other handmade cosmetic items.

Mysore sandal incense sticks and other such products are also very famous in this city. After spending few hours here the tourists can step into other places like Jaganmohana palace, sand sculpture museum, regional museum of natural history, the folk lore museum, the railway museum and the oriental research institute. People those who like ancient temples can visit Ranganathaswamy Temple which is in Srirangapatna. Wildlife enthusiasts can also visit several forest and natural reservoirs which are very near to the city of Mysore. Tourists can also visit waterfalls which are in shivanasamdura. There are two important perennial lakes in this City which is worth seeing and they are Karanaji and Kukkarahalli. Oriental library is very famous in this city and this one houses lots of interesting books and journals. Ardent readers can visit this library and read several books. Some of the famous churches are St. Philomena’s church and Wesley’s church and lots of visitors enter this shrine and pray for themselves.

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