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Absolutely. The rate will be as promised and it will consist of price and service as committed. The rate is not subject to any change.

What will the experience be like?

We ensure that you spend quality time with us, and enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Our attention to detail and cultural diversification is sure to enthrall you and make sure you have a wonderful experience.

Can I merge two tours together?

Yes, you can. We provide you the ultimate customized tour plans, tailor made for your needs. You also get a good discount if you merge two or more tours together. It makes for an even better adventure. There are significant discounts to be earned if you book two back-to-back tours with us as well. For further information, please contact one of our tour consultants.

How much luggage would I need?

Travelling light makes travelling extremely easy, and more of an adventure and less of a chore. We recommend a check-in luggage along with a single piece of hand luggage, for optimum comfort and ease.

Are my card details and billing information secured?

We follow industry-leading standards and pride ourselves on our security measures. With our fully encrypted Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL), we adhere to the highest privacy standards, so that you can rest assured of absolute safety.

How do you select hotels?

We strive to ensure the utmost comfort for our customers. As such, we have a team of dedicated personnel who research about the best hotels and come up with a shortlisted handful of them. After that, our team visits the hotels and inspects it first-hand to determine conformity with our established set of standards. Once the hotel has proved to be satisfactory, only then we enter into any negotiation. Our aim is to maximize ratings and customer-centricity and minimize complaints.

Will I be asked for feedback on my stay?

Every customer is valuable to us and we continue to be successful with the support of each and every one of you. Your feedback is thus extremely important to us. After 24 hours of your checkout, you will receive an email from us, requesting your feedback. It helps us to identify potential problem areas in our partner hotels, any untoward incident that you may have faced during your stay and any delightful experience that you may be willing to share. This helps us continuously upgrade our service and ensure we serve you better from the next time.

Any referral programs on offer?

Yes, there is. You can refer your friends and family to us, right after you book your first tour with us, and earn 5%. A new customer who you refer will receive 5% discount on his first tour and when they use your referrals for booking their first tour, you will receive 5% per referral to use on your next trip. There is no limit to how many people you can refer, and referral credits can be combined with existing promotions.

How can I buy a voucher?

Login to your account on our website, go to the plan of your choice and click on “Buy now”. After you click this, we charge you from your registered debit or credit card, and send you an email confirmation of the booking. After that, you can find your voucher on your personal account, which is easily downloadable and printable.

When does it show ‘trip sold out’?

This happens when there are only a few seats or rooms available for a particular journey and customers are many. Thus, the trip gets sold out very quickly.

Why is individual travelling more expensive?

Most of the packages are for group travelers or couples. They can split up the bill while a solo traveler has to pay for it all by himself or herself. Also, rooms are available for two people and they can split the bill, while a solo traveler has to pay for it himself.

What kind of hotels do you provide?

We always strive to guarantee that our customers have the finest experience. Before tying up with a hotel, our team of experts visits it for inspection. If it meets our set of standards and rules, we tie up with the hotel. Also, the entire accommodation charge is covered in the package so that you do not face any hidden charges later.

Can I choose my own flight?

Absolutely. You have the full liberty to choose and customise your own flight.

Is a voucher refund possible?

It depends on your particular type of booking. If it is allowed in your package, you can cancel it online. First you need to sign into “My Account” and select “My Purchases”. Click the “Cancel” button for hotels or “Request Refund” button for vouchers. We offer full refunds within 24 hours and more than 30 days of travel whichever is higher, of purchase on applicable vouchers. Vouchers for date-specific events, non-refundable ones and all voucher purchases more than 30 days old are considered as final and are not eligible for a refund. In case of hotels, the cancellation policy varies depending on the deal of booking. Follow the same procedure as above. We will send you a cancellation email as soon as your cancellation is processed, in cases where the hotel allows cancellation.

What do the prices indicate?

All prices displayed are the price of a particular package for one individual, all-inclusive.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are some offers and packages which are mentioned beforehand to be non-refundable. For other packages, our policy is:

More than 45 days prior to the trip – 90% of tour price refunded

Between 44 days to 29 days prior to the trip – 65% of the tour price refunded

Between 28 days to 15 days prior to the trip – 50% of the tour price refunded

Cancellation between 0 to 14 days prior to the trip – No refund