Investor Relations, a leading online travel portal exclusively for the Indian subcontinent welcomes you to its ‘Investors Relations' Section. The management board of Tourszoo, with its heritage & experience dating back for almost three decades now.  

We aim for a robust performance which will be of interest to Investors, Fund Managers and Analysts. Our core group has always been fundamentally strong in its core business.

Tourszoo, is a high quality, customer centric and service driven online travel agent and tour operator. Since its inception, Tourszoo has grown into a ‘Full Service Online Tour Operator’ providing a complete range of tour packages, hotels, products, services and technology driven travel digital offerings, catering to all visitors, guests, corporate, MSME & retail customers.

Tourszoo is a leading one-stop travel platform exclusively for Indian subcontinent covering India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan,. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand integrating a comprehensive suite of travel package products and services. Tourszoo is the go-to destination for travelers in Africa, USA & Europe for its traveller, to explore travel and get inspired, to make informed and cost-effective travel package bookings, and to enjoy hassle-free, on-the-go support and share travel experience.

Today, Tourszoo has laid the foundation for a new era of online travel and business.

Investor Relations
We aim to be one of the fastest growing online travel companies globally, and we have a unique hybrid travel agency model.

  • One of the fastest-growing travel companies globally.
  • Unique hybrid travel (online/traditional) agency model.

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