With an increasing number of tourists descending in Pushkar to savour the rich society and cultural heritage that you have to recommend, it is a name that most tourists to India are recognizable. The packages of people coming to Rajasthan include some kind of Pushkar tour on their trip. As one of the reservoirs or pilgrimage sites for Hindus, this town is a popular destination for the faithful. Located next to Lake Pushkar, Town also has a lot to offer to those interested in scenic beauty with the large number of people arriving in Pushkar, there is almost no doubt that the main tour operators and travel websites have come to Recommend a lot of travel packages that deal with Pushkar.

With many temples and fifty-two Ghats, Pushkar is one of the most important places for the Hindu follower of Dharm and there are many places to visit in Pushkar. It is assumed that if you bathe in Kartik Purnima, it is equivalent to performing Vajnas for several years.

All along with being a well-known Hindu Dharma, Pushkar is perhaps more commonly associated with Mela or Fair. A popularly fair held in November, December of each year, the Pushkar Fair lasts for five days. Make five days of celebration and pleasure, the Pushkar Fair sees a great turnout every year. As you can book a Pushkar Tour throughout the year, it is particularly at the time of the Pushkar Fair where there is a greater demand for such Pushkar Tour Packages.

En Pushkar Tour Rajasthan So Many Temples

Brahma Temple: Brahma Mandir is a Hindu temple, in addition to the famous Pushkar Lake and 500 temples in the city, the city includes the Brahma Temple. This temple is exclusive as it is the only temple in the world dedicated to Lord Brahma. The walls of the Brahma temple are adorned with images of peacocks. A good silver turtle places in front of the Sanctorum chamber of the temple. This is a must-see when visiting Pushkar, 11 km from the city of Ajmer.

Savitri Temple: The Savitri Temple is located on the hill behind the Brahma Temple, which can be reached by a staircase. This temple presents an attractive view of the lake and the reach of the nearby desert and the temple of Varah, which was rebuilt by Raja Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur. He is well known for his statue, carvings and a house with richly decorated images. In addition to temples, another tourist attraction in Pushkar is the Man Mahal. Is it is The main House generous in Pushkar and it was used by Raja Man Singh during their Pushkar visits.

Trips to Pushkar should preferably be planned during winters when the famous Pushkar fairs are held. Pushkar’s camel and cattle fairs have gained popularity and arouse great interest not only in the middle of the Indians but also in the middle of foreign tourists.

Before making a plan for the Pushkar tour, look for some good Pushkar tour packages so you can get a lot out of your Pushkar tour.