Planning to Visit a Tanjore Tour

Being an important centre of South Indian religion, art and architecture, Tanjore is a city in the southern part of Tamil Nadu. Tanjore is now known as Thanjavur. The city is home to Tanjore painting that is a unique painting style used all over the state. The city is known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu” and is an important agricultural centre located in the Cauvery Delta. The city is an important pilgrim centre and its sculptures make it a major tourist destination of Tamil Nadu. Tanjore holds and is surrounded by most of the great living Chola Temples, which are UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. The government has established regional cultural centers in the city of Tanjore to preserve and promote cultural heritage of India.

The most visited temple in Tanjore is the Brihadeeswarar Temple, popularly known as Thanjai “Periya Koil” (Big Temple). The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is described as “a landmark in the evolution of building art in South India”. The walls of the temple are covered with wall paintings that depicts the time of the Chola and Nayak who ruled over the city for years. The architectural excellence of the temple attracts many heads to come and explore the history and uniqueness of this place. The famous South Indian dance, Bharathanatyam, is displayed in the Brihadeeswarar Temple during the festive seasons.

The Tanjore Royal Palace or The Thanjavur Royal Palace is 1 km away from the Big Temple. There are two forts in the town, the Little Fort and the Big Fort. The Thanjavur Royal Palace is in the Big Fort. Inside the palace is the temple of Lord Chandra Mauleeswara. The palace consists of fascinating buildings with huge corridors, big halls and adorned rooms. The Arsenal Tower, Bell Tower and Darbar Hall are the important structures inside the palace.

For art lovers, there is a famous art gallery, the Thanjavur Art Gallery that also surrounds the Mahal Library and the Music Hall. There is a fabulous collection of bronze coins and stone sculptures in the gallery that are unique and are of priceless quality. The Saraswati Mahal Library contains much demanding collection of manuscripts, books and paintings that defines the art, cultural and literature of the earlier times.

The Airavateswara Temple is considered one of the greatest living Chola temples. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and to his followers who worshipped him to get rid of the curses given to them. The Gangaikonda temple is famous for its beautiful carvings. The temple is related to the history of Tamil Nadu and is about a thousand years old. The Thirumananjeri Temple is known for fulfilling the wishes of the people who come and worship here. The paintings on the walls of the temple are of God and Goddesses. People with spiritual minds must visit to this place. The place could best be reached by roads. People can also reach to this place by rails or by air. The place is quite hot during summers so visiting to this place during winters is a better idea.